2 Way SMS – Keyword on 5 Digit Shortcode Number

24x7 Available Premium 2 Way SMS

Premium 5 Digit Short Code

Free Auto Reply SMS to Customer

Get Customer Responses with Keywords on 5 Digit SMS Short Code Number


₹7999 Per Year for ONE Keyword on SMS Short Code 5XXXX

Due to technical issues, Short Code Number 56161 is currently unavailable

GST @ 18% Applicable over and above Total Cost of Any Service/Package.


Connect with your Customers by Sending Personalized Data either Manually or Through Your Online Application using our API reliably with India’s Best Short Code Keyword Service Provider at Lowest Cost

24x7 Available Premium 2 Way SMS

Premium 5 Digit Short Code 5XXXX

Free Auto Reply SMS to Customer

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Terms & Conditions of Service represented as FAQ

Keyword on 5 Digit SMS Short Code Number Service Packs come with One Year Validity.

You will need to renew the service before the expiration to continue to use your purchased Keyword on Short Code for another tenure.

  • Highly Reliable Service with instant Support.
  • Very Low cost  for Keyword on 5 Digit Short Code.
  • Courier Service or a Similar Service sending back details of package (Or Customer related Data) depending upon the AWB Number provided by customer on 5XXXX. The customer will send the SMS to 5XXXX: ITRACK AWBNUMBER12345678. Here ITRACK is Keyword on Short Code 5XXXX.
  • The Service can be used to gather customer interests regarding a poll, quiz etc.

Using Keyword on SMS Short Code 5XXXX Service for illegal purpose e.g. Spamming/Scamming of any kind (Fraud, Threat, Misuse etc.) is strictly not allowed. If found doing so, your account may be terminated without refunds and/or legal penalties.

To buy our Keyword on SMS Short Code 5XXXX Service, you need to contact us with the following information:

  1. Your Name
  2. Your Company Name (If you are representing a Company)
  3. Your Contact Address with State & PINCODE for billing purpose
  4. Your GST Number (If you are representing a Company) for billing purpose.
  5. Your Mobile Number. This number will be used while creating a SMS Account for you. Login details will be sent via SMS to this Mobile Number. You will receive alert when your SMS Account balance is low on SMS Credits.
  6. Your email address to send you login details of your SMS Account and to send Invoice for your purchases.
  7. Your desired KEYWORD.
  8. Your Auto Reply Message.
  9. URL to handle Keyword Responses in case you are looking to gather data in your online application.

If your requested KEYWORD is available for purchase on 5XXXX, we will inform you about the same and then you can proceed to make payment. Once we receive the payment, the service starts working within 1 Business Day.

Keyword on SMS Short Code 5XXXX Service network coverage includes: North Indian Cities like New Delhi, NCR (Gurgaon, Noida, Faridabad, Ghaziabad), Hisar, Uttaranchal, Uttar Pradesh (UP), West India Cities & States like like Gujrat, Maharashtra, Mumbai, Pune, Goa, South Indian States & Cities like Bangalore, Chennai, Hyderabad, Kerala, East & Northeast Indian States & Cities like Jharkhand, Ranchi, Bihar, Assam.

All in all, Keyword on 5 Digit SMS Short Code Service can be safely used all over India without any extra cost.

Being Premium 5 Digit Shor Code, Sending SMS to 5XXXX will be Charged at ₹3 per SMS by the Mobile Operator of Customer sending the SMS.


No credit is refunded for Undelivered SMSs as we do not get any refund for the same from our SMS Operators.

We do not offer any guarantee for Lead Generation or Responses by using our SMS Services.