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+1 (United States of America)
+7 (Russian Federation)
+20 (Egypt)
+27 (South Africa)
+30 (Greece)
+31 (Netherlands)
+32 (Belgium)
+33 (France)
+34 (Spain)
+36 (Hungary)
+39 (Italy)
+40 (Romania)
+41 (Switzerland)
+43 (Austria)
+44 (United Kingdom)
+45 (Denmark)
+46 (Sweden)
+47 (Norway)
+48 (Poland)
+49 (Germany)
+51 (Peru)
+52 (Mexico)
+53 (Cuba)
+54 (Argentina)
+55 (Brazil)
+56 (Chile)
+57 (Colombia)
+58 (Venezuela)
+60 (Malaysia)
+61 (Australia)
+62 (Indonesia)
+63 (Philippines)
+64 (New Zealand)
+65 (Singapore)
+66 (Thailand)
+81 (Japan)
+82 (South Korea)
+84 (Vietnam)
+86 (China)
+90 (Turkey)
+91 (India)
+92 (Pakistan)
+93 (Afghanistan)
+94 (Sri Lanka)
+98 (Iran)

+212 (Morocco)
+216 (Tunisia)
+218 (Libya)
+220 (Gambia)
+221 (Senegal)
+222 (Mauritania)
+223 (Mali)
+224 (Guinea)
+225 (Ivory Coast)
+226 (Burkina Faso)
+227 (Niger)
+228 (Togo)
+229 (Benin)
+230 (Mauritius)
+231 (Liberia)
+232 (Sierra Leone)
+234 (Nigeria)
+235 (Chad)
+236 (Central African Republic)
+237 (Cameroon)
+238 (Cape Verde)
+239 (Sao Tome and Principe)
+240 (Equatorial Guinea)
+241 (Gabon)
+242 (Congo)
+243 (Democratic Republic of Congo)
+244 (Angola)
+245 (Guinea-Bissau)
+248 (Seychelles)
+249 (Sudan)
+250 (Rwanda)
+251 (Ethiopia)
+252 (Somalia)
+253 (Djibouti)
+254 (Kenya)
+255 (Tanzania)
+256 (Uganda)
+257 (Burundi)
+258 (Mozambique)
+260 (Zambia)
+261 (Madagascar)
+262 (Reunion)
+263 (Zimbabwe)
+264 (Namibia)
+265 (Malawi)

+266 (Lesotho)
+267 (Botswana)
+268 (Swaziland)
+269 (Comoros)
+297 (Aruba)
+298 (Faroe Islands)
+299 (Greenland)
+350 (Gibraltar)
+351 (Portugal)
+352 (Luxembourg)
+353 (Ireland)
+354 (Iceland)
+355 (Albania)
+356 (Malta)
+358 (Finland)
+359 (Bulgaria)
+370 (Lithuania)
+371 (Latvia)
+372 (Estonia)
+373 (Moldova)
+374 (Armenia)
+375 (Belarus)
+376 (Andorra)
+377 (Monaco)
+378 (San Marino)
+380 (Ukraine)
+381 (Serbia)
+382 (Montenegro)
+385 (Croatia)
+386 (Slovenia)
+387 (Bosnia and Herzegovina)
+389 (Macedonia)
+420 (Czech Republic)
+421 (Slovakia)
+423 (Liechtenstein)
+500 (Falkland (Malvinas) Islands)
+501 (Belize)
+502 (Guatemala)
+503 (El Salvador)
+504 (Honduras)
+505 (Nicaragua)
+506 (Costa Rica)
+507 (Panama)
+509 (Haiti)
+590 (Guadeloupe)

+591 (Bolivia)
+592 (Guyana)
+593 (Ecuador)
+594 (French Guiana)
+595 (Paraguay)
+596 (Martinique)
+597 (Suriname)
+598 (Uruguay)
+599 (Netherlands Antilles)
+673 (Brunei)
+675 (Papua New Guinea)
+676 (Tonga)
+677 (Solomon Islands)
+678 (Vanuatu)
+679 (Fiji)
+680 (Palau)
+682 (Cook Islands)
+685 (Samoa)
+852 (Hong Kong)
+853 (Macau)
+855 (Cambodia)
+856 (Laos)
+880 (Bangladesh)
+886 (Taiwan)
+960 (Maldives)
+963 (Syria)
+967 (Yemen)
+971 (United Arab Emirates)
+972 (Israel)
+974 (Qatar)
+975 (Bhutan)
+976 (Mongolia)
+977 (Nepal)
+992 (Tajikistan)
+994 (Azerbaijan)
+995 (Georgia)
+996 (Kyrgyzstan)
+998 (Uzbekistan)


Promote Products and Services Globally or Send Notification Alerts to Contacts in Foreign Countries with India’s Best & Most Reliable International Bulk SMS Service Provider at Lowest Cost

Lowest International SMS Cost

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150+ Countries Covered by our International Bulk SMS Route

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Easy & Fast Online SMS Panel

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Got Questions?

Terms & Conditions of Service represented as FAQ

All our  Bulk International SMS Packs come with One Year Validity. It means you will be required to consume your purchased credits before the validity expiry date. After that, the remaining credits in the SMS account gets cleared. If you keep on recharging your SMS Account before the expiry date with the same or higher value SMS Pack, the remaining credits gets forwarded to your new SMS Pack.

One SMS Credit = 160 English Language Characters without any Unicode Character. If the SMS Text contains Unicode Characters (and any other language characters e.g. Hindi, Punjabi, Tamil etc.), then One SMS = 70 Characters.

Please always type your SMS Text in the Message Box. Copy-pasting the Message Text to the Message Box might result in normal SMS being treated as Unicode SMS and thereby resulting in only getting allowed for 70 Characters Per SMS Credit.

Sender ID gets displayed when your SMS reaches the Mobile Number recepient’s SMS Inbox. It lets the Mobile User know from where the SMS has been received.

Sender ID service may not be available for International Bulk SMS Service as most other Countries do not support it. Your International SMS shall deliver with a Operator Short Code e.g. 12345 etc.

  • Highly Reliable International SMS Service with instant Support.
  • Low, very cheap International SMS Cost.
  • Reach thousands of customers.
  • Add or Delete Contacts & Groups
  • Send Bulk SMS using Phonebook
  • Import the Phone List from an excel sheet File.
  • High Speed SMS Delivery
  • Very much useful in marketing.
  • Almost every country reachable under single click
  • Reduced Communication Cost
  • Very Easy to Use
  • Improved Customer Services
  • Highly Recommended for Real Estate, Consumer Goods Business
  • Very Useful for Instant Alerts
  • Great way to Market/Promote your new/existing products.
  • Discount, Special offers alerts
  • News and Events alerts
  • Birthday/Anniversary Greetings
  • Contest/Polls
  • Internal communication
  • Product announcements
  • Marketing campaigns

To buy our International Bulk SMS Services, you need to contact us with the following information:

  1. Your Name
  2. Your Company Name (If you are representing a Company)
  3. Your Contact Address with State & PINCODE for billing purpose
  4. Your GST Number (If you are representing a Company) for billing purpose.
  5. Your Mobile Number. This number will be used while creating a SMS Account for you. Login details will be sent via SMS to this Mobile Number. You will receive alert when your SMS Account balance is low on SMS Credits.
  6. Your email address to send you login details of your SMS Account and to send Invoice for your purchases.
  7. Name of Country you are looking to send your International SMS.
  8. Text to be sent as International SMS. This will be required to get approval from that Country’s Mobile Operator(s). Once your International SMS text gets the approval approval, you can start using the service.

SMS Account shall be created within 1 Working Day after your payment has been received by us as per your selected payment method.


No credit is refunded for Undelivered SMSs as we do not get any refund for the same from our SMS Operators.

We do not offer any guarantee for Lead Generation or Responses by using our SMS Services.

The pricing informed while your order is processed remains same throughout your package tenure.

But in some cases, pricing may decrease/increase if there is specific change in the same by the International Mobile Operators.

Sending illegal SMS e.g. Spamming/Scamming of any kind (Fraud, Threat, Misuse etc.) is strictly not allowed. If found doing so, your account may be terminated without refunds of any SMS credits and/or legal penalties.